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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. captioned by the national captioning institute abc 7 news has learned fbi a man'sre searching mistress' home. it is not clear at this point what the agents are searching for. do not know if they are taking anything from the home. now this is just the latest scandal that has tainted the career of one of america's most decorated en.itary man hasearned broadwell sent threatening e- mails.
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a lot of questions on capitol leaders were not informed of this investigation not any whether or security issues were compromised. the scandal is growing. r some, it casts a shadow over this veterans day. people are asking, why now? >> they do not need to bring it on veterans day. e people wish the fbi waited. some people believe they should have known sooner. it raises questions about national security. broadwell spoke about her petraeus.
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>> the fbi discovered the e- m pau.came fro >> family is troubled. -- made a statement about a motivation on the attack the embassy. this raised more questions about not any national issues could have been compromised, if she might have king's sheed of
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d.ould not have been tol contribute to the search of her home tonight. >> on to our other big story tonight. the student, and the threat that led to an arrest. a student is in custody as police take fast action. tom roussey is live there. >> police say this student threatened to shoot people here campus tonight. he is in custody of police. been charged at this point. students say this was a normal day. all of the sudden, a whole bunch pulled right up to sirens blazing. blazing.rub, sirens >> tense moments as officers down a student.
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>> no one knew what was going on. >> this all started when a held fellow students relationship that just ended and he felt like shooting people just for fun. those schoolmate's went straight to campus security. only initially had a on.t aim to go to identify a last name that studentwhere might be on campus. >> police tracked the student him into custody. >> i felt like he was one of e chemistry people just in his books. >> the school did not go on an e-mailr put out alert. students who reported the believe thenot actually had a gun. school officials did not think there was an immediate threat. r eve still, students say this was unnerving. >> i do not like it at all. although at this point, the student has still not been
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charged with anything, according a campus spokesperson, that has been given a written o much as set foot on this campus for three years unless the school gives him permission to do so. live in rockville at montgomery i am tomonight, roussey. >> thank you. we are on storm watch tonight. some grain is moving into our region. grab your coat again. this warm weather is pretty much over. has the first look on our radar. >> we love november. get these little breaks. two days in a row. temperatures in the 70's. live doppler right now. say, this is all changing quickly? there are those areas of rain. not only rain, but moderate showers around frederick right now. gaithersburg, all of that is out to the east. some of it will be around as we
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head into the morning with not 70 degrees. i will tell you more when i join u in a few minutes. >> a pedestrian was struck by car. up tonot clear what led the incident. 11:00, we have a developing story, much more pleasant. one of baseball's best this .ear outfielder received the rookie of the year award. for the a great honor washington nationals. it gives the organization some credibility. he is the guy. all expected he would be. rookie of the year. he was just a teenager. turned 20 in october.
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he is one of the youngest ever win this honor. he brought energy to the team immediately. with 22 home runs and 59 runs was one of the washington's successful season. he had a 340 average. a 477 slugging percentage. the national league rookie of year. i wantd,eech, this award. i want a world series. this is a great honor. also for the washington nationals. >> the accolades keep coming in for all the nationals. >> now we have this. the rest of the week, we will r of the year. >> thank you.
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next, theup controversy. a showdown over shopping.
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>> a taboo subject for many. an odd noise, a creek in the floor. that haveof things o believe ghosts exist. >> in today's world, the so- called zombi apocalypse blaze in the people's consciousness. museum. the
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it is a place that is the second haunted place in virginia. folks with me here are paranormal investigators, ghost here to and they are find evidence to prove that spirits do exist. >> do you believe in things that go bump in the night? unseen?ed by things spirits? poltergeists? this woman claims she has seen, felt, and heard ghosts speak. you do not understand seeing andyou are hearing, you are scared. why she joined a paranormal investigating group. of hundreds across the country. growing in popularity. she and ghost hunters gather in equipment.s with they are here to speak with
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spirits and come away with evidence they exist. >> and get a glimpse of the other side. this goes hunter says he has other side. he has pictures to prove it. he took this one outside a museum. he investigates places like this. have theseportant to collective experiences. hadhis woman says she has as aiences like this child. group gives her more peace of mind. >> it makes me more scared of it less scared of the dark. good at fooling ourselves. this man says he has seen no data thatntific ghosts exist. >> rushing to call it a ghost or psychic phenomenon is a hasty judgment. >> it is really simple-minded to write it off. it is pretty obvious there is something there.
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>> this groups as the ghost in active.m has been very they are one of about 30 groups to find.c. area all out ghosts. for live, abc 7 news. see how fast he gets out of there. >> they have ghost tours in alexandra. >> we are learning about a new because of the superstar and sandy. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak.
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>> a shocking attack at a high former employee was assaulted at the football game. she claims it was orchestrated principal.ol
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according to the police report, e former staff member was two saturdays ago. this case is under investigation. the debate that many of you at home may be facing a little a week from now. the dwindling tradition of the e with the family on night, verses the of a night ofion shopping after dinner. 9:00 p.m.will open at at night after thanksgiving dinner. the controversy surrounding this issue. jay korff. they are just responding to by needs of customers clocklly turning back the on black friday. day ofriday, that wild after football, is onroaching more and more day.y
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>> it is ridiculous. >> debra was mortified at a on the power house stores earlier onlier and thanksgiving day. o give thanks. t >> they should have it on friday. toys r us is an hour earlier year, at 8:00 p.m. wal-mart is offering its first round of deals at 8:00 p.m. the majority of stores will be already. >> a lot of people from economic standpoint are off work that day. largest employee is doing so because customers want to score big after watching football rising at dawn to compete with a sea of shoppers on black friday. >> more power to them. people are hurting now for good prices.
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it is business. >> debra offers an alternative. >> i can get the deals on the internet or monday. >> wal-mart " -- wal-mart are talking about on black friday in protest over wages and working condition issues. smallssue involves a employees and most aboutates are excited day a company calls -- the company calls its super bowl. a christmas tree refunded nearly his orders after sandy got more than two inches of snow on his crops. more than 3000 trees were damaged. many of his customers were in the washington area and they trees fromt their this particular form. -- farm.
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>> the poor folks in new york city. many were still without power. >> around here. >> this is how it looked today. what a nice day it was. guess whose birthday is. brian hopkins. a beautiful picture of a sunset. now the clouds. our attempt to outside now, remember this one well, not only but the high temperature of 72. the last 70-degree day we will see this year? it could be. 72 here in washington. s out to minneapolis. 27 degrees. the high temperature today. 20's now.ow there is the cold front. really sweeping into our realm.
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temperatures in detroit, indianapolis, 30 degrees below were the same time yesterday. been going on.s there is the change. we have the southwesterly wind. is the weather front. there it is. you can see on radar, the front continue to come through us with some showers. leftover showers at noontime. more rain showers by the great lakes. bit. breaking up a little outpoured west virginia, another .ine that will be coming our way, too. here is our doppler. is how things look on the future cast. temperatures tomorrow morning will still be near the high the 50's.e today into rainshowers come through. noontime, rainshowers -- for you folks in
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winchester. temperatures in the low to mid by late tomorrow. with a northwesterly wind, a breeze coming back. lot of sunshine returning. it will be on the chilly side. you head out tomorrow morning, take your umbrella and bundle up. skies will be clearing, but not until late tomorrow afternoon. temperatures by late tomorrow dropping into the 40's. be during theill morning hours. a high temperature. can you say, like the fire again? [laughter] 70? this could be the last 70-degree day we will see. >> say goodbye. nice knowing you. thank you. >> more proof of just how special this season was for the nats. absolutely. we will hear from the rookie of the year.
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nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. the washington nationals did year,n the series this are collecting quite a of the post-season honors. tonight, the national league year. of the a surprise. he did so many things well this year. talk of the baseball world. most of theor season. easy.e everything look so he was a quick bat. the pitches sometimes look like balloons to them at the plate. he had 18 stolen bases. here -- he is the rookie of the year. he wants more. >> my biggest goal is winning world series.
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is amazing to win this award and have this accolade. i want to bring the title back to d.c. the is the main goal of team as an organization. is my biggest goal. >> baseball fans are welcome. everybody else gets thrown out. the maryland basketball team opening tonight. young maryland team has the attention of the entire nation. it will continue to get a whole lot better. guys on the roster are first or second year players. how about the former star? he is a sophomore as well. another nice pass. the sophomore is the player of the week. charlottesville. cavaliers use defense to set up the offense. all of a sudden, a foul.
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12 points. fairfield loses, 54-45. trapping the defense here. look out. here they go. robert will get this deal. green can fly. virginia tech rolls past rhode island, 69 to 50. a much-needed weekend off. meriwether will probably play this weekend. the redskins do not know if another player will be able to the eagles. he played in only three games this year. was hurt in the opener. they may put him on the shelf to that foot surgically repaired. michael vic will not play because of stands the concussion. the redskins should be favored.
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they are playing at home. the eagles are struggling.
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>> chilly and rain.
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